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15 May 2015

Comparison with a masonry

The Ecco Stove is dramatically smaller than a typical masonry or soapstone heater being some half or a quarter of the size of a masonry heater but still producing the same heat release properties and whole house heating.

Masonry heaters are typically two or more times the price of an Ecco Stove to do a similar job of whole house heating.

Typical build time of an Ecco Stove is an hour or so rather than the one/two or three days a masonry heater may take to build, therefore with far lower costs attached to the installation of the Ecco Stove.

Masonry heaters and soapstone slow heat release appliances typically can burn only once in 12 hours without damage to the fire chamber, whereas the Ecco Stove can be burned in the same way or constantly as you would a typical wood burning stove. The benefit is that should you wish you can have both slow heat release/masonry heater heat output characteristics from a fire that you can see bright and appealing constantly.

Flue ways within the Ecco Stove are cleaned typically once a burning season and access to those flue gas channels is so easy that simply 5 or 10 minutes worth of cleaning will put the stove into good burning condition for the next season. Other masonry and soapstone heaters on occasions do not have access to some of the internal channels therefore cannot be cleaned and have less facility for ease of maintenance to those smoke channels.

Clear glass operation is one important feature with the Ecco Stove, which other masonry and soapstone heaters do not necessarily include.

The Ecco Stove is an innovative, UK patented design (GB2 467 433 & GB2 498 883) using Silicon Carbide (a much more dense material than masonry or soapstone), therefore excellent heat absorption and slow heat release properties in a smaller mass. Masonry or soapstone appliances are typically two, three or four times the size of the Ecco Stove.

*other patents pending for USA, Canada, Europe and Russia.

Properties of Silicon Carbide are essentially and especially enhanced combustion temperatures; greater heat absorption and slow heat release making it a material far better suited to the job of whole house heating from a much smaller storage mass.