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The Ecco Stove ® masonry heater differs from most boiler stoves and central heating choices in several ways but one of the long term impacts is the low cost of maintenance.


Everything you need to do to maintain the Ecco Stove ® can be achieved by the home owner. We recommend you have you chimney swept by a professional but this is something that with the right equipment can be carried out easily providing the installation has been carried out effectively with adequate cleaning points (soot doors) built in.


What maintenance is required on an Ecco Stove?







  • Sweep chimney
  • Clean contraflow channels with brush (provided with Ecco Stove ®) and vacuum out from cleaning plugs. Watch the Video Here (Whole process takes about 15 minutes)




  • Possible rope seal replacement on doors. This can be obtained at your local dealer or stove / fire shop. Ropes can be applied with rope cement / adhesive and you can check with our team on the size.
  • Check inner linings – The fire bricks and baffle arrangements are made up of a mixture of silicon carbide and high density vermiculite so are very hard wearing but all parts slot into place and can be replaced through the stove door within minutes (no screws or bolts which would often be corroded or welded).


Ecco Stove ® E580 - Small Masonry heater