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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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Wood burning stoves can be found in all shapes and sizes and with a wide range of price tags, picking the right one can be a tricky business. The first thing to consider when you are looking to buy a wood burning stove or masonry heater is what do you want to achieve?


If you are looking for a warm ambient glow in your living room as the winter nights roll in a traditional wood burning stove can be great but what if you could achieve more? Our environment is changing and already the various Governments around the world are considering the impact of a mere 6°f change in temperature in certain areas such as the Antarctic could be disastrous. Global warming and global cooling are often discussion points linking directly to air pollution, so how can we help?


The type of fuel we burn and how we burn it is of importance if we wish to combat this and where possible move away from produced fuels and back to a renewable sources such as simple wood logs. Providing replanting is adequately carried out wood logs use very little energy to cultivate and have a low impact on the environment especially when sourced locally when compared to alternative produced fuels on the market. If you select an efficient wood burning stove or masonry heater you can also achieve a carbon neutral burn which is when the gases produced have a lower CO² content than a tree decomposing naturally.


The Ecco Stove ® achieves not only a highly efficient burn at 88% (EC678) but also absorbs heat from spent combustion gases that would be lost with a conventional wood burning stove. The high heat storage or retention (12 hours after the fire has gone out) means that firing can take place less often and consequently less fuel is used. With the Ecco Stove ® you are not only providing an alternative for your home heating but also a more environmentally supportive and renewable heating solution.