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  • E850
    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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The Ecco Stove ® masonry heater utilizes the heat storage or retention properties of a more modern material (silicon carbide) to get usable heat retention with considerably less thermal mass than its counterparts. Soapstone stoves, Finish stoves, Kachelofen (tiled stoves), Masonry heaters, Scandinavian heaters and other similar ranges are all part of the slow heat release appliance group but typically around 2000lbs or heavier with heights from 6.5 feet and widths from 4.9 feet or greater. Ecco Stoves ® weigh between 595lbs and 1760lbs with the largest model 2.78 feet wide by 3.67 feet high, but achieves greater levels of heat retention when looking at the level of thermal mass involved due to the unique material they are made of. The E678E730 & E850 have all passed the EN15240 standard for heat retention which qualifies the Ecco Stove ® as a slow heat release appliance in Europe. The E678 and E850 have also been efficiency tested USA and Canada (EU efficiency), have been UL1482-10 certified, passed the method 28A exemption test , USA/CAN B415:1 and Washington-Colorado EPA Parallel.


Why is heat retention important?


By retaining the heat within the body of the appliance you remove the need to continually have a fire burning in the chamber which means less fuel usage. This also means the room temperature does not rise so sharply as the surface temperature will be lower than conventional steel or cast iron heater making it easier to keep the room at a cosy and comfortable temperature for longer without being a slave to the stove or overheating the room.

This has a greater impact with the Ecco Stove ® due to the way it distributes heat.


Ecco Stove ® E730 - Natural body with grey castings